The Pine's Mystery (2008)

SSAATTBB, piano, violin (or other instrument)
duration 5'

“Listen for something lost that shall not live again...”

The last line of poetry in The Pine’s Mystery by Paul Hamilton Hayne serves as the central idea in my setting. Intrigued by both the natural imagery and the evocative undertones of transience, I chose to include an unusually sparse violin accompaniment: one note, repeated. The monotone blossoms from the surrounding thick textures at pivotal moments until it crescendoes into bar 58, falls silent, and does not return.

Though the part is obbligato, I’m not married to the instrument being a violin. I’ve found that unfretted string instruments naturally fulfill the nuanced dynamics and expression necessary to make the solo worth listening to, but wind or brass instruments can be substituted (playing whatever highest concert C they can negotiate at both pp and ff).



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