red yellow gold (2008)

SATB + piano, mandolin, guitar, violin, percussion
duration 5'

Red Yellow Gold began as sketches for a solo song I wrote during my freshman year of college. After 'chord-and-lyric'-ing the first verse and chorus, it fell into the Abyss of Unfinished Songs (/my notebook) and wasn't picked up again until summer of 2008 when conductor David Hobson commissioned the piece for the Centenary College Choir's '08 - '09 season.

I wrote the lyrics in memory of my friend Jeri, who passed away during our senior year of high school. I used Helen E. Wright's obscure 19-century nursery tale The Foolish Peach Blossom as a thematic skeleton, and fleshed my personal emotions around the story both lyrically and musically. The motivation is equal parts borrowed and new, children's story and tribute to Jeri's life and death.

Not included in the .pdf are the performance notes, which detail suggested instrument substitutions and stress the importance of freedom and improvisation in the instrumental parts. The overall tambre should resemble the expressivity of a folk jam session and all the parts were written to be playable by members of the ensemble.



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