Improvisations: Light and Snow (2010)

baritone with extended falsetto + piano
entire set, duration 16'

Improvisations: Light and Snow is a set-in-progress for baritone with extended falsetto, with lyrics taken from the (very recently public domain) poetry of Conrad Aiken.

I’ve always loved the baritone voice, and felt that modern innovations like amplification open up doors for the more sensitive aspects of the voice to be exploited by composers. Though this set does not require amplification, it does require a freaking amazing baritone. The range is something like low g to high b (above middle c) and the performer sometimes has to move very quickly and seamlessly between chest voice and falsetto.


1) The girl in the room beneath


3) When I was a boy and saw bright rows of icicles

4) It is now two hours since I left you

with Vincent after the premiere