Carmen Vocis (2011)

SATB chorus and chamber orchestra
duration 7'

CARMEN VOCIS is a poetic odyssey through the science of the human voice. In mist, she gives the spark. “My Soul is in my Breath.” Sustained drones are punctuated by respiring swells of energy and motion. As the mist clears, these bright flourishes relax into a freely lilting dance. Understanding replaces naivet√©. Gathering our tools and accepting the charge to use them we declare, “I am in my Breath and in my Voice, and all my countrymen will hear me and understand.”

Listeners may identify glimpses of Marc’Antonio Ingegneri’s Tenebrae Factae Sunt (long mistakenly attributed to Palestrina) in which a loud voice cries heavenward out of the darkness before releasing his soul.

Text: Dr. William Aikin. Published to close an article called The Society of English Singers from The Musical TimesVol. 57, No. 881 (p. 322) on July 1st, 1916.